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Couture and luxury costumes for the film industry.




Monica Ferrari-Krieger



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COSTUMES COUTURE is an integration of two experienced personalities in the field of fashion with very different approaches. Michaela Mayer-Lee’s process is free-flowing and spontaneous; each design evolving through her creative draping process in 3D space. Monica Ferrari-Krieger is a master architect of pattern design, working in 2D space to bring her ideas into life through careful planning and geometric design.


The Company

Michel Mayer-Lee is best known for her signature draped couture dresses under the Michel Mayer Label. Monica Ferrari-Krieger is an experienced editor and costume designer with a focus on the art of pattern making. They founded Costumes Couture in 2021; specializing in the design and manufacture of couture dresses for film, theater, and opera.  All costumes are handmade in the studio in the first district of Vienna.


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