Picture © Ernst Kainerstorfer
Picture © Ernst Kainerstorfer


Michaela Mayer-Lee



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Instagram: @michel_mayer_vienna

About Me

Michaela Mayer-Lee graduated from College HBLA Herbststrasse in 1991, and started her own clothing business in Berndorf, Lower Austria, in 1995. She founded the MICHEL MAYER label in 1996, designing ready-to-wear and couture collections. After winning several awards, the boutique and studio opened in downtown Vienna in 2001. MICHEL MAYER has become a fundamental institution in Viennese design and sustainable production.

The Label

MICHEL MAYER has been involved in many projects; including numerous shows at home and abroad, and international sales through an agency in London and Paris from 2008-2012. MICHEL MAYER has created corporate design for gastronomy and theater productions, and has done design collaborations with Palmers and the Dutch company Berghaus. Over the years, the focus has shifted to the couture collection, becoming known for innovation and design in the Viennese Ballroom culture. This work has led to working with Monica Ferrari-Krieger on an international film project in 2021, and the founding of COSTUMES COUTURE.


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